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Our Story

Sin's Story

Sin Lee grew up in the humid concrete jungle of Johor Bahru where childhood friends would describe her with words like inquisitive, opinionated, loud and even kinda crazy. She definitely wasn't the average Convent Girl.

Inspired by a mix of punk rock, video games and a thirst for the unknown, she decided to head to the US for college. One evening, her friend Adele gave her a free ticket ​to see a band called Matt and Kim. There, she met a young, bow-tied gentleman named Joe.


Joe's Story

Joe grew up on in Southern Indiana as an all-American kid. Apple pie, baseball, Boy Scouts - a real Norman Rockwell painting of a childhood. He also spent a lot of time at underground hardcore & heavy metal shows.


After one too many hair-freezing Midwestern winters he bolted for the computer-science-coffee-brewing mecca of the San Francisco Bay Area and started going to a ton of concerts. One day his friend gave him a ticket to see Matt & Kim, where he first met Sin Lee.

Our Story

After a late night chatting at a crêpe cart and many great dates thereafter, we realized that we're madly in love and want to spend the rest of our lives together on adventures both international and domestic.


Our marriage is another step on a long road, and we hope you'll come celebrate it with us!

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